Monday, May 19, 2008

May 15, 2008 (Thursday)

Today was kind of a strange day. I’m not a big fan of days like that. Apparently there was some type of evaluation at the orphanage so all the workers were a bit more stressed out than normal. We played with all the kids – but I was so sad because I didn’t really get to see Andrei. He had run into Mickey Mouse Room #1 while I was in there and gave me a hug– he once again escaped his room – but they quickly took him back. Then when we went to go play with the kids in room #2 all the toddlers were sleeping including Andrei…I was so sad. It ruined my day not seeing that little monkey’s smile.

The afternoon at the hospital was a good one. I held lots of little babies that were sick. There was a newborn baby who was tiny who is having heart surgery soon. Poor thing. MacKenzie and I held some of the other babies as well. MacKenzie asked one of the nurses what one of the little boys name was and the nurse said that it was an orphan it didn’t have a name. SO sad. So MacKenzie and I named him Octavian. He is a beautiful baby boy. Then before we left we went and said hi to Florine and Marius…they are both such little studs. During that visit we ended up meeting a little boy named Alex. Alex is ten years old and had the most gorgeous blue/green eyes I have ever seen. A teenager in a bed next to him who spoke English told us that Alex was sad often because his mom had left him. Apparently she kept his brothers and sisters but not him. He was such a sweet boy too…it’s so hard to see so much sadness everywhere we look, and what’s even sadder is that his story seems to be a common one. How could a parent just leave their child? I don’t understand it.

Regardless, Alex and I had fun playing. I would say an animal or name of an object and then he would draw it on a little Magna Doodle. I’d tell him good job after each picture he drew…I could tell he was so proud when I praised him and patted his back. It’s amazing what a smile and kind words can do for someone – absolutely amazing. There was no better feeling than to look into his eyes and see a little light because I decided to give a bit of my time and heart to him…He was adorable. I can’t wait to see him again. He’s going to be one of my regulars that I visit.

After the hospital we went to the church for the fourth time this week…haha…we had to be set apart for our callings – I received a nice and encouraging blessing from one of the elders about being a Sunday school teacher. The priesthood is great – especially when men honor it.

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