Monday, May 26, 2008

May 24, 2008 (Saturday)
Sleeping in this morning was divine…I didn’t set an alarm clock or anything. I was so tired from the week. It was great. The day started off slow…some of the girls came over from the other apartment and we all worked on sewing our skirts. I’m still working on mine. It is a process that is taking quite a long time… the end results will be very interesting to say the least.

This afternoon we had a little bit of excitement. My dear roommate MacKenzie decided to dye her hair brown. Her natural hair color is like mine – dark, dirty blonde…and she gets it highlighted like mine. She was scared, but she decided to take the plunge and just do it…She kept saying “I’m just not gonna think about it or else I won’t do it.” I don’t have the guts to do that to mine. Plus my best friend Kendall would kill me. She said it would be unnatural for me to go brunette haha…I don’t think I’ll do it, but once my roots start growing out I’m going to have to do something. I don’t trust hair dressers in America – let alone here. I’ll figure something out.
In the middle of dying MacKenzie’s hair they realized she needed more hair dye so Whitney S. and I ran to the store to get some more – the box of dye she had originally bought was the last one. Of course. We were cracking up even though it wasn’t really funny…so we got a color that was close to it…We didn’t know what else to do. Here hair turned out nice – except for certain splotches of blonde in random places. She had to redo it again later on that night. After she was done she was freaking out. It was a little darker than she wanted it – almost black, but not quite. She kept saying “what did I do!” At least we don’t have to worry about what we look like here. It’s a good time to experiment. I don’t think I can do it though.

On the way back from buying the hair dye there was a guy who looked like a street bumb who was lying on the cement in a sleeping position outside the store. There was a group of people gathered around him. He wasn’t moving. I don’t know if he was dead…Whitney and I kept walking – creepy.

The rest of the evening was pretty boring. We simply did school work and hung out together. We have so much to do and no time to do any of it! There is a lot of course work and church responsibilities besides volunteering at the orphanage and hospital. I thought I’d have more free time since I’m in Romania. Nope!

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SassyTex said...

Dang straight I would kill you! If I'm not there to do it or help you your not allowed to it.. Well as long as you DON'T get an ash brown we'll be cool.. but thats only if you get that despresset..