Friday, August 1, 2008

July 29, 2008 (Tuesday)
The Lord’s Hand in my Life: A nice taxi driver who spoke English and helped me get my camera fixed. The Lord is aware of even the smallest concerns we have in our life.

Last night I had another dream…Normally I don’t remember them, but I have the past couple of days for some reason. In my dream I was getting married in a couple of days, but I didn’t know who to and I was feeling panicked. Then the scene in my dream switched, and I was sitting at a decorated table like you would see at the reception. At the table I was introduced to my husband – he was black…I’m not racist, but I’m not attracted to black men so I was upset about who I was marrying. Then all of a sudden he told me that he was not only marrying me, but he was getting married to another woman as well. I was really upset about the entire situation to say the least, but I was panicked because the wedding was the next day and I knew I needed to break things off soon if I was going to. In my head I thought “I need to talk to my Dad about it – he’ll help me figure this out.” So I went to him and my Dad was like “Whitney – do what you feel is right, but remember eternity is a long time.” Then he told me that if I didn’t feel good about it I needed to get out of it right away. Then I broke off the wedding, and I felt much more peaceful…

At the orphanage we were outside for most of the day again. While we were out there we started our Brigance Tests on the kids. We did them when we first arrived, and we have to do them right before we leave. They are used to measure where the kids are developmentally. Andrei wasn’t real cooperative with the test, but that’s my little Andrei.

While we were outside Lumie (a worker) came up to me with a distressed look on her face and told me in Romanian that Andrei cries when he is not with me and that it’s not good for me to hold him. I don’t know what she wants me to do, but I’m not going to stop loving and holding him. No way. That’s why I’m here. Not an option. Plus I have less than two weeks to spend with him…there is no way I’m backing off.

Outside I pushed Andrei on the swing and walked around with Alex. Alex was looking so sad again today (probably because he missed Elisa), so I took him out and walked around with him. That instantly made him happy. However, I can’t walk around with him for too long because he’s a big boy, and he was not happy that I put him back in his seat. I tried though…

On the way inside the workers weren’t too happy with me. I pushed some of the kid’s wheelchairs on the grass so they could sit close to us and some mud got on them. First Maria (the child) got mud on her wheels so Maria (the worker) and I wiped them off. Then Alex got mud on his wheels, and I helped her wipe them off. Then I ended up tracking mud inside from my shoes. I felt like all I was doing was saying “I’m sorry” today. They weren’t really mad, but Maria (the worker) was a bit irritated. It was kind of funny though. She made me wash off my shoes and my feet in the bath tub. I felt like I was one of the kids…

In between the orphanage and apartments I went to get my camera fixed for the third time in two months. I never should have bought a camera here, but at the same time I wouldn’t have all the fun pictures I’ve had. The only problem is that it’s a pain because it breaks every two seconds. Anyways, Kenz went with me and the situation ended up turning out okay thanks to the Lord watching out for me. Kenz and I got in a taxi and asked the driver to take us to the place I bought the camera. As we were in the taxi I took the camera out of the bag and the driver asked me what I was going to do with it. I explained the story of how it had broken twice and last time I exchanged it it was really difficult, and he asked if we needed him to come inside the store with us to translate. I couldn’t believe it – a taxi driver, who spoke English and offered to translate for us. He was so nice. So I graciously accepted his help.

The taxi driver went with me inside the mall area where we bought the camera, and he talked to the guy in Romanian. After about 10 minutes of bickering the guy said that he wouldn’t exchange my camera, but that we could take it to the repair shop to get it fixed. I chimed in the conversation a few times speaking half Romanian and half English and Kenz was cracking up at the butchered sentences – so were the people standing in line. Even the people in line were yelling at the guy to return it, but he wouldn’t budge. The Romanians are really stubborn.
Before we left the mall to go to the repair shop Kenz had to buy diapers so we ran into the store and bought them. As we were standing in line Kenz gave her debit card to the lady, but she blanked out on what her pin was – so after several tries I ran and got my wallet out of my backpack at the station. It’s annoying but some of the larger grocery stores make you check your bags. Kenz was like “I’ve used this card a thousand times how could I forget the pin.” She was so embarrassed, but it’s okay …I know she will pay me back.

The taxi driver was so nice. He just waited on the bench outside the store as we got the pampers. Then he promptly took us to the place I needed to go in order to get my camera fixed. He was an angel – I don’t know how I would have been able to communicate with any of the staff if he hadn’t been there. It would have been extremely frustrating. Plus he was a big guy so that helped the situation. He explained the situation again to the guy at the main desk of the place to get it fixed. A few seconds later the guy who actually fixes the cameras came out and talked to me. He spoke a little bit of English which was nice. I told him that I wanted to get my money back because I was afraid of what would happen when I take it to America and it breaks again. There’s nothing I can do about it over there – my guarantee is only applicable to European countries. So basically he’s either going to fix my camera, exchange it, or try and get my money back. He told me he had to email his superior and explain the situation, but that he would do his best to see if he could get my money back. He was very helpful. I’m going to cross my fingers that they will do a return! If not – it is supposed to be ready in a week…

On the way home the taxi driver started talking about how frustrated he was because he wanted to visit America, but it is really hard to get a Visa. Then he asked us if it was a problem to get a Visa to come here, and we told him ‘no.’ It’s hard for people from other countries to visit America, because everyone wants to go there. In contrast, it’s easy for American citizens to visit wherever we want…That must have been what Florine was talking about when he said that in order to get a Visa to visit the States he needed an invitation from someone who lives there. He was joking around about me writing one.

Although the driver was nice he started getting a little too friendly. He asked Kenz and I if we had husbands – we said “no,” but then he asked us if we had “boyfriends” and I quickly gave MacKenzie the eye and told him that we did. I didn’t want him to think we were available…even though we are. Luckily she understood my eye language and she agreed with me. Boys here seem nice – but they get a little creepy sometimes. I’ve found the best way to get them to lay off is to tell them that I have a boyfriend. What is weird is that the driver was probably in his mid 30s, and he was hitting on us.

At the 3rd floor apartments Alina was a little pill. She pretty much spent the entire time we were there in time out. She would hit one of the other kids, punch the window screen or try and throw the tables around. Then we would sit and hold her hands while she sat in time out. We had to make sure we also held down her legs and stayed away from her head because she would kick and head butt us while we held her there. Oh the joys. Then the second we were about to let her out of time out we would make her sign “I’m sorry,” because she can’t speak. Then she’d get out and look at us and do something else naughty. It was a vicious cycle. I guess she just wanted attention really bad today.

At 7th floor we colored and played bubbles the entire time. Costica cracked me up. I’d strum my fingers over my lips and make a noise and then he would do it. It was hilarious. He is such a cutie…I love the kids so much.

After I got home we ate dinner. Then our entire apartment planned to go souvenir shopping. Right before we were about to leave Kenz couldn’t find her purse anywhere, and she started freaking out. We looked the house through and through and decided she must have left it in the taxi. Luckily I had the driver’s phone number on a receipt he gave to me so we called him and Kenz left a message. She was really distraught so I told her to say a prayer and to be calm until we knew for sure he didn’t have it. Right before we were about to leave the taxi driver called us back and said he had it. The Lord is so aware of our needs. She was so relieved. I was like “see the Lord is aware of us.” She just smiled and agreed….

We went to the Moldova Mall and found some interesting Romanian gifts for our family members. I got my Dad, Stepdad and three of my older brothers some pretty crazy – but fashionable ties. They are going to have to wear them to church and send me a picture J I’m excited to give them to them…then I also found a gift for my Grandma and Grandpa Alexander. It’s a Romanian wind chime. They love stuff like that…I love buying gifts for people! I’m not sure if I have the money to do it…but oh well…I’m already going to have to take out a loan when I get home.

The rest of the night Annie and I watched What Lies Beneath. She’s never seen it and all of the girls said it was good movie one night when we were chatting so we decided to watch it together. In the middle of the movie Kenz and Mary went around outside our window and started blowing a whistle that makes bird noises…However, I didn’t know what it was at the time. I ended up jumping a good foot…It was an intense part of the movie, then all of a sudden I heard a loud bird noise, then I saw something out of the corner of my eye coming through my window and boy did I jump. I had my computer on my lap, and I jumped so high I almost broke my computer. They thought they were pretty ding dang dong funny. Oh I will get them back – just wait….

P.S. The bug bites are getting ridiculous here. I counted six mosquito bites on my upper left thigh. How they get in my clothes I don’t know…but we can’t close the windows at night because it will get too hot without air conditioning…AHHH!

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