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July 30, 2008 (Wednesday)
The Lord’s Hand in my Life: A job that I will love!

On Sunday I made a new goal for myself – to read my scriptures and say my prayers every morning before I do anything else – no matter what. I’ve done that the last couple days, and I’ve noticed my life has run so much smoother, and I feel like I’ve been more happy. It makes me wonder why I’m not always as valiant as I should be…we get all kinds of blessings when we are!

On the way to the orphanage Whitney S. had a funny dream about me. In the dream I was upset with the girls, because they hadn’t been responsible and taken care of something they were supposed to. Then someone had gotten mad at me because they hadn’t taken care of it. She said in the dream I told them something like “I don’t like it when things don’t get taken care of because people think I’m not reliable and that makes me look bad.” In her dream my character was right on when it comes to me caring about people being dependable and reliable. If you say you are going to do something then do it – otherwise don’t say it. Simple as that…We were both laughing because that would be something I would get upset about in real life…

At the orphanage we were outside most of the day. I walked around with Alex for a while. He’s a cutie. I would count to three and then say “rapid” (fast), and he would go as fast as his little legs would allow him. He LOVED it! He was laughing and smiling so big…which made me laugh and smile so big…My kids are great!

Andrei signed “gata” (finished) for the first time on his own today! I was sooooo proud of him! Normally he jumps out of the swing without telling me he is finished - which can be quite dangerous. Today he did the sign and I promptly got him out of the swing. I’ve been trying to teach him that sign for months! I was so proud of him…my Andrei. My little Andrei. I love him so much!

Today when I went to play with some of the other kids Andrei freaked out. It’s so hard, because I can’t spend all my time with him – otherwise some of the other kids don’t get attention. However, if I walk away and one of the other girls pushes him on the swing or try and play with him he will cry. Then if he cries the workers put him in his bed early – which is what they did today. I detest it when they do that! Absolutely detest! It breaks my heart.

I decided that I want to get a little necklace with my name and Andrei’s name engraved on it. I want him to have something to remember me by. I just hope no one steals it from him – that would be really really low if they did, but I wouldn’t put it past Romania. The other day a Romanian friend the girls have came to their apartment to drop by and say hi, and they had 100 lei in a jar for group funds. After he left they noticed it was missing…then the next day they saw him with a brand new bike. They thought he was a friend. Rude.

Florine came outside again today, and he hung out with us almost the entire time we were playing with the kids. He kept looking over and smiling at me while I played with the kids…tomorrow is his last day at the orphanage, because he is going on his month long vacation. As we were talking I asked him if he knew there were any places that I could get a necklace engraved for Andrei, and he said he didn’t know. A few minutes later Florine came back outside and told me his coworker Mihai knew a place to get that done. So I went and talked to him. Mihai was very helpful. He even drew me a map of how to get there. I’m just hoping it’s not that expensive…It was really nice of him to go and find out that information for me. Really nice.

At one point outside I was sitting on the bench playing with Vali outside. Then Florine was sitting next to Vali and Dr. Pantezescu next to Florine. Vali was intrigued by the rings on my fingers so I was letting him take them off my finger, look at them, and then put them back on my finger. Then all of a sudden Vali was about to put the ring on my finger when Florine took the ring, took my hand and was like “will you marry me?” I was really embarrassed because Dr. Pantezescu was sitting right there. I wanted to die. Dr. Pantezescu jokingly looked at Florine and shook her head. Then I just awkwardly laughed, and Florine smiled…AWKWARD!

Then Vali was sitting there, and we gave him a pen to draw with. He was doing so good staying on the paper, then I turned my head for two seconds and when I looked back he had drawn all over his arms. I was like “crud!” It was too late though – Dr. Pantezescu saw. I’m sure all the workers are really loving me this week.

Maria was crying once again because they tied her too tight in her chair. They insist that’s not why she cries, but she stops whenever I loosen it. You’d think that would be a clue. Oh no…GRR! They need to stop tying her in so hard. Ridiculous.

Maris (the worker) wasn’t feeling very well today, and when the workers don’t feel well it stinks for the kids because they don’t put up with anything. Andrei was quickly taken upstairs to go to bed after persistent whining. I wish he would understand that whining will only make his circumstances worse, but he’s three – what three year old would understand that.

I actually like Maria (the worker) when she isn’t giving us sex talks, but if she’s in a bad mood you have to watch out. The other day she was trying to tell me that Maria (my child) was going through puberty and she pointed to her chest and then poked mine. So awkward. Romanians are very touchy people…I don’t think they believe in personal space…

When we got home from the orphanage Kenz called the taxi driver to get her purse from him. Apparently when he called he said to Kenz “and Whitney will be there too.” She was like “Whit he made sure YOU were coming to pick it up with me.” I tried to get out of it – she wouldn’t let me…oh well. He was nice enough to just meet us down at the bottom of our apartment building. No big deal. As we walked down I quickly reminded her that “we both had boyfriends” if he asked again…

The hospital was a ton of fun today. Annie and I played with Marion for the first half of the time we were there. He’s so cute – such a little guy. We got him an ice cream and walked around outside. He insisted on holding each of our hands as we walked. As we walked we would say “un, doi, trei” and then swing him in the air. He loved it. He would copy our counting, but every time he would skip “un” and just say “doi.” I think he just wanted to get to the swing part faster – smart. It was the cutest thing ever!

Outside there were a bunch of kids sitting on the benches. Mindy ended up coming outside with Gabby (one of the other burn victims in Marius’s room), and we all played soccer with this little pink ball I have. We would run around holding Marion and kick the ball. Then the older kids would kick it to us. Marius would freak out every time we got the ball. He kept yelling “Hai! Hai! (Come! Come!). It was a blast! It’s so funny, but wherever we go the kids are drawn to us immediately.

Later I went to look for Alexandra and I couldn’t find her anywhere. She was on the 5th floor. Then the nurses said she was moved to the third floor, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. The girls said she wasn’t feeling well yesterday again – we think she may have been in surgery today? I don’t know, but I was extremely sad when I couldn’t find her. I’m going to make sure the girls look for her tomorrow since I go to the apartments in the afternoon.

Annie and I saw Florine today! We couldn’t believe it…he is back at the hospital. Annie saw him through one of the windows, and we went and gave him big hug. We didn’t know he was back. Florine is still as much of a stinker as he was when he left last time. The first thing he did was ask us if we had gum or balloons. At least he’s not selling the pampers we give to him?

After we got home it was my turn to make dinner. I was quite proud of myself. I made some dang good hamburgers and homemade French fries. The hamburgers ended up being a little harder to make then I thought because our stove gets so hot. I had to put it on and then take it off so it cooked it all the way through, but they were pretty good.

After dinner we went to the Internet Café to research our trip around Europe for 10 days. We each took a different city to split up the work load. I’m doing Paris, France. I’m so excited to go there. I’ve wanted to go to Paris my entire life. We’re only there for 2 ½ days, but I’m still excited. I didn’t know there were so many things to do in Paris. It’s crazy! They have all kinds of passes to get into the museum, but I’m not sure which one will be cheapest. All of us are going to get together and have a meeting and talk about things. So fun!

While I was at the internet I also checked my email. I received an email back from Shannon Farmer regarding a position at Nu Skin on the Special Events staff for Americas and Europe. She said that their department needed help and that my experience would be valuable. I’m so excited! So unless there are any major glitches I will have a job when I get home doing something I love – planning. YES! I was jumping up and down…the Lord is watching out for me. Finding a job immediately when I get home has been the biggest stress…Annie said that we have to celebrate so we are going to have Brownie Sundays sometime this weekend. I’m okay with that…

Because I was so excited I called my Mom Mia to tell her, but she wasn’t feeling well. I felt bad…I guess her head is feeling really really dizzy. She was excited for me about the job because she knows I have a ton of expenses when I get home, and I was worried about it. Then right before I got off the phone with her she made the comment “every time I think about you leaving Andrei I get teary eyed” – I just thought so do I – so do I. I really don’t know how I’m going to handle leaving him. I don’t know.

Before I went to bed I put my favorite picture of Andrei and I on my desktop of my computer. It’s so cute. I love that little boy!

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