Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 2, 2008 (Wednesday)
The Lord’s Hand In My Life: Marius is going to the United States, and Andrei heard a squeaky toy with the help of his hearing aid!

It was such a great day today. Marius is going to be able to go to the states for plastic surgery! We found out that his brother got custody of him – we were worried because if he didn’t he wouldn’t be able to go to America. Then to add to the great day Andrei was able to hear a loud noise that came from a squeaky toy with the help of his hearing aid. It was so amazing. He was playing with the toy then all of a sudden he held still and put it up to his ear. His eyes looked like he was concentrating so hard. Then he squeaked the toy and went back and forth putting the toy up to each of his ears. Then he was so excited he put the toy up to my ear and squeaked it so I could hear. Then he went around to a bunch of the kids in the room so they could hear it. It absolutely melted me…I’m so excited for him!

Today we were outside with the kids for a while – it was the perfect weather! It felt so nice…I did find out some news I wasn’t happy about. One of the workers told me that Andrei isn’t having surgery until September…I’m sad because I won’t be able to stay with him and visit him in the hospital. As for more sad news, when I was playing with Andrei outside Maria (one of the workers) told me “Andrei is a bad boy. He is naughty.” I was like “nu rau” (not bad). Thank goodness he didn’t understand what they were saying. It made me sad. He does throw little tantrums, but he is a little boy (kids throw tantrums sometimes). That doesn’t mean he is bad. That must be why the workers aren’t as nice to him as they are some of the other kids, and to be honest sometimes I don’t blame him for his tantrums. Today he was outside, and when I wasn’t playing with him they would make him sit on a bench. What three year old would ever sit on a bench while being outside for a couple of hours? Then if he moved they would yell at him. At one point he kept looking at me with the hand motion “come to me” and the worker hit his hand down. So I put one of the kids I had been playing with in their chair because they can’t run around and went over to play with him. I think they don’t like chasing him around the playground…it does take energy, but come on?!

When we were playing outside all the workers were chatting and laughing. Florine walked by and smiled and winked at me. He’s a good guy. Then I was sitting in the swing with Irena a few feet away from the conversation, and all of a sudden all the workers, including Sera, all looked at me. Sera smiled and I just smiled at them all back. I didn’t know what was going on, but I just assumed they were talking about me. Later on I asked him why they all looked at me at one point in the conversation. He said that they told him not to worry about his life because he was surrounded by girls. Then he said that they said “you would look good with her, and she would look good with you.” I was like “oh.” Then I had to go…I don’t need any drama in that department.

When we went inside all the workers and us had fun. We turned on some music and danced with the kids. Andrei is the cutest little dancer. I know he can’t hear well, but he will move and dance as long as we are. Then Lumie (a worker) decided to french braid my hair. Everyone likes to do my hair, but it always hurts when they do. Then she told me that I need to bring two rubber bands tomorrow so she can put my hair in two braids…Yes!

The hospital was great as usual. There is a new little girl named Marchika. She is probably four years old, and she is such a happy little girl. I’m amazed at some of the children’s attitude…They are happy regardless of their circumstances…they set an amazing example to follow.

I saw Alexandra today. The sides of her crib wouldn’t go all the way down so after much debate I hopped in there with her. Annie and I were cracking up. I just sat in her cribs, and we counted cards. It’s amazing how easily children are entertained…It was so fun. I felt like I was having girl chat with her…haha…

It was my night to cook dinner. I made alfredo sauce from a recipe and had broccoli, mushroom pasta. I was so afraid it would turn out terrible. It ended up turning out better than I thought. I’m gaining more confidence about my cooking skills slowly but surely.

Tonight I talked to my best friend Kendall! I was so excited to hear her voice and hear about her wedding! I can’t believe she is married. I just hope our friendship doesn’t change. All the girls here say that when all of their friends get married it’s a whole new ball park…we shallsee... Kendall and I chatted about her new marriage. I asked her if her marriage was what she expected. She said she loves it but that it is a lot of work and quite the learning experience. That’s what most people say. Then I started telling her that I want to find a full/part time job in event planning when I get home. She said that there was a position available on the church Web site…I’m also going to see if Nu Skin has any job openings when I get home as well. I’m sure everything will work out though. Kendall was laughing because she said I’ve planned things my entire life. She was like “do you remember when we were 13 years old and I spent the night at your house for the first time and you had the party completely planned out? You had it planned what time we were going to watch a movie. What time we were going to sing karaoke.” I just laughed. That’s just the way I am – I like to have things planned and organized. When I get home Kendall and I are going to plan a girls’ weekend. I’m excited about that.

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SassyTex said...

I'm excited too!! and our relationship isnt going to change!! Jeff already knows that I will be taking many trips to see you!!!!! I think that we should say that if fiances permit we should get together every other weekend to make up for these four months!!