Thursday, June 5, 2008

June 3, 2008 (Tuesday)

I had a crazy night last night, and I didn’t even know it! This morning I woke up feeling great. I asked Annie how she slept and she responded “well.” Then she laughed and asked me how I slept. I told her well and she was like “really? you kicked me really hard last night – I tried waking you up because I thought you were having a bad dream.” I was like “sorry Annie!” She just laughed and said it was no big deal – that was the first time I have kicked her since we’ve been here. I must have had a bad dream and not known it. Weird. Then she said I practically fell of the bed because I was moving around so much.

We had language with Mario this morning before the orphanage – we were all excited because she cut the lesson short because of Melissa’s birthday. We need to have birthdays more often! Haha…all the girls from Melissa’s apartment walked in with a chocolate gogosi this morning. We are all going to end up weighing a thousand pounds because of those suckers. I’m trying to watch my gogosi intake. I’m limiting myself to only having sweets on one weekend day and Sunday night after our group dinner. Whitney and Elisa were supposed to be doing it with me as well…however they both walked in with their mouths full of chocolate gogosi this morning. So I don’t know if they are trying to anymore….Annie informed me that I am the only one attempting to watch what I eat. Haha…

At the orphanage I got to see my little Andrei. I love him even though he constantly throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. I haven’t gotten to play with him much the past couple of days, and I have been way sad. Today I got to play with him outside for a while. The highlight of my day was when Florine ran, swooped Andrei off the ground and threw him over his shoulder. All of a sudden I see a bunch of stuff coming out of Andrei’s mouth and nose. I thought it was snot. Apparently not. I ran over to him and he was covered in throw up. Andrei was fine, but he looked a little surprised. When Florine threw him over his shoulder it must of pushed his last meal right out of him. He was only turned upside down for a split second. Poor little guy. We cleaned him up, and he merrily played outside. All of us were cracking up though. Disgusting.

Today I started working on my research. I’m looking at a couple of different workers and analyzing how they interact with the children and how the children interact back. It’s interesting that even the slightest amount of attention or touch causes positive reactions from the children. Some of the workers only do what is required by their job description. When I say that I mean they will change the kids clothes, bathe them, feed them, but many of them don’t look at them, talk to them nicely or acknowledge them in anyway while they’re taking care of them. It’s sad. They could have such a good impact on their lives if they put forth a little effort. There are a few workers that really do try – but the majority don’t.

I think Sera has given up on me. He didn’t come find me today - which is good, but I’d still like to be friends with him. Now he is going to avoid me and act awkward because I’m not going to date him. I really, really hate that. It makes me sad when guys do that. Grr….oh well…there is nothing I can do about that. It just gets really old.

For lunch we met up with Elisa’s friend Life and ate Shwormas. Apparently he writes some of the major European guide books. He has traveled all around the world. He knows all the hot spots to hit in major European countries. He was interesting to talk to. He told us about some interesting places he has been. I’ve decided that my dream vacation would be to go to Greece. Maybe someday.

On the way to the hospital Annie and I were chatting about how us girls will get annoyed with each other over little things because we are ALWAYS together. That led into a conversation about how to let things slide off our back, because it can be hard at times when you have nine girls…and everyone knows how nine girls can be. I liked Annie’s thought on the subject. She said that she always tries to assume the best of people – otherwise she said it would drive her crazy if she didn’t. She’s right, but it’s really hard to do sometimes. I’m going to try and work on it.

At the hospital Annie and I took Florine outside. It was kind of hard because he was in a wheel chair, but he loved it. Kenz and Mary didn’t come today because Kenz was having problems with her contact…so Annie and I were trying to book it to each floor so we could see all the kids. The little boy Samson was smiling today when I walked in. I was shocked. He wasn’t crying for his mom like he normally does every day. When I walked in his eyes lit up. It made me feel soo good! I love that! It’s nice to know that the kids look forward to you coming each day…

Tonight we went out on the town for Melissa’s 25th birthday. We went to some Chinese restaurant. I wasn’t real impressed with my meal, but the other girls seemed to like theirs. Mine was very bland – like a lot of things in Romania. Oh well. At dinner Elyse was making her sarcastic comments like she always does, and I bet her a chocolate gogosi that she couldn’t go one day without being sarcastic. She said it was a bet. Immediately after Whitney Scott looked at Elyse and then looked at me and was like “I’m not going to lie for you.” We all started cracking up. (Elyse isn’t in my apartment so the girls in her apartment are going to have to tell me she didn’t say anything sarcastic.)

After dinner we had cake and ice cream at our apartment. The ice cream tasted like a nail salon. I couldn’t even finish it…so gross! When I say that it tasted like a nail salon I’m not exaggerating in the least bit. Elyse and I took about one bite and we were done. Then we all decided to play around with Kenz’s Mac computer. You can type sentences on it and it will read them in whatever voice you choose. I think the next computer I get is going to be a Mac. I desperately need a new computer. Mine has been trashed after carrying me through four years of college. However, I’m not sure if I have enough money for my last semester of school in the fall so a new computer will have to wait. At the end of the party I could tell Melissa had had a good birthday. I’m glad for that – I have always hated my birthday because important people often forget – so I was stoked we could make hers great.

Our water was randomly turned off for the second time in the past week. It’s so frustrating – we can’t wash dishes, brush our teeth, flush the toilet or get ready for bed. There is absolutely no warning. Welcome to Romania.

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SassyTex said...

I would just like to say that I havent forgotten your b-day since high school! Your going to be in Europe for your next b-day.. :( we will have to do something together when you get back.. of course after Europe what could compare to that? I miss ya girl... so are you only able to talk to your family then? I hope your family is doing ok..