Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 9, 2008 (Monday)

Yesterday in our group meeting Elisa challenged us to be on time everywhere we go this week. Our apartment has already been late meeting for the orphanage and hospital. We’re not doing so hot…it might take a few days…

Today was Andrei’s birthday, and I didn’t even know! He turned three! I was so sad because I missed him blowing out his birthday candles on his cake. By the time I got there the cake was being cut. I don’t think he liked his cake though because a good chunk ended up being on me. That little stinker.

Ghiocel, one of the other toddlers at the orphanage had his parents visit him today. I couldn’t figure out if he understood who they were or not. He did cry when they left, but he usually does. I just don’t understand how parents could just give up their children. I asked one of the workers why they didn’t want him, and the worker said because they had little money. I think that is just a cheap copout.

Sera found me today. He came up from behind me and covered my eyes and tried to give me a big hug. I told him again that he couldn’t touch me in front of people because that made me uncomfortable, but he still didn’t get it. Elisa ended up yelling at him. Instantly I could tell Sera felt really bad. He was like “that was embarrassing.” Then he apologized to me and apologized to Elisa. He said that he “didn’t want to create any trouble.” He definitely won’t ever touch me again.

At the hospital I visited my little Claudio. He is so cute, but he rarely smiles. At least he wasn’t poopy today. Whenever we enter the room he has always been crying and he looks so scared. I don’t blame him though. I feel so bad for any child that has to stay in that hospital by themselves. When Whitney and I walked by some of the doors on his floor there were tons of bugs that looked like maggots or cockroaches. We were like we’re just going to pretend like we didn’t see that. So disgusting. I wish they would invest in making the hospital look a little more presentable. It’s a children’s hospital so you would think they would make it look a little nicer…it’s just a different world here.

Whitney and I also found a baby who is about two weeks old. The poor thing looked like a mini alien, but he was still really cute anyways….Before we left we ran to the 6th floor and said “hi” to Valentine. He is adorable. Such a sweet boy – unlike the majority of the men around here. Mindy and Annie said one of the moms hit him the other day when he refused to translate for her. She wanted him to tell the girls to give their stuff to her…I wish I would have been there…That made me so mad to hear that!

Tonight we had Family Home Evening. For the activity and lesson we recorded a mixture of songs that we put together and sang in church last Sunday. It’s in Romanian so we thought it would be a good memory to have. Sister Geneviva decided to sing with us – we were all trying so hard not to laugh because she wants to sing with us so bad but she is off tune, too slow or too fast and sometimes both. She definitely sticks out – but it’s adorable. The other sisters do too when they sing with us. They sing loud and off…haha…but we love them!

Our first attempt to record the song the sopranos decided in the middle of the song to have the boys sing a certain part by themselves where the altos normally join in – however they didn’t tell the alto section this information. Let’s just say that Sister Betham, Melissa and I had some solos on the recording. We started singing and then we looked over to all the sopranos looking at us with their finger over their mouth signaling us “to be quiet.” The alto section was confused, but it made for a good laugh.

Transfers were made tonight. Elder Melke and Elder Stenson are out of here. We all teased Kenz about Elder Melke leaving. It will be interesting to see what the new elders are like…
Before we went to bed we listened to a conference talk on Annie’s Ipod. Right before it started I looked over and Annie had a huge hair ball stuck to her foot. I pointed it out and we all started laughing so hard we were rolling on the bed. Let’s just say that is a perfect example of how disgusting our apartment is. Annie was grossed out, and she went and washed her feet. My stomach hurt from laughing. I love it when you laugh so hard that your stomach aches…there is no better feeling than that.

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